Automobile fleet management system

Fleetsheet provides precise summary of all automobile fleet costs and gives detailed analysis about the costs of the automobile fleet and each vehicle. If you plan the use and renewal of the automobile fleet on the basis of these measurements, in the long-term you can save up to one- third of the cost compared to fixed monthly invoice services.

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Your benefits

Reduces the cost of maintaining a car fleet by focusing on problematic vehicles in a timely manner
Efficient and sustainable fleet utilization based on accurate cost analysis
Significantly reduced time and resources spent for automobile fleet management
The fleet's current and historic information about the whole automobile fleet and each vehicle separately
Control of the fleet tyre inventory and its costs
Easy to build, optimised and visually perceptible fleet routes
Reminders in the fleet users e-mail
Specifications tailored and prepared for your fleet

Usage options

Audit of the automobile fleet usage, technical maintenance and cost is a time-limited independent analytical project that allows you to use the automobile fleet more efficiently, limit excess costs and change the deteriorated equipment in a timely manner.

Use fleetsheet as SaaS (Software as a service). Planning of routes, fuel consumption data, service costs analysis and chronology. Tyre warehouse records, automatic documents and reminders in e-mail. Downloadable and graphic reports to save time for employees and provide reasoned decisions for the management.

Fleetsheet, together with the data management services, will release you from specific data processing tasks and provide transparent information that you can base your decisions on. Daily maintenance of the technical costs history, implementation of the fuel management and route planning can take place if you allow professionals to analyse the data.

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Fuel use control

We guarantee 5% fuel costs economy if the fuel consumption record keeping was previously performed only for accounting purposes.

You can comfortably add the information on your mobile phone, facilitating declaration of monthly usage data. Automatically upload of the fuel consumption data.

Easily detectable violations of fuel limits/regulations both in reports and graphic representation of the automobile fleet fuel use

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Technical costs analysis

Chronological representation of the service costs form the technical CV of each vehicle, visibly separating depreciation, maintenance and damage costs

Professional analysis of invoices allows to recognize unjustified costs and immediately react

Technical costs and devaluation analysis allows to make balanced and economically reasoned decisions about renewal or expansion of the automobile fleet.

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Technical costs analysis

Route planner

Convenient planning of regular routes optimized according to mathematic algorithms.

Address finder complies with the updated address reforms in Riga and operates in the whole territory of the Baltics

Adjusted black and white background map for more comfortable revision of route both on computer and mobile phone screen

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